SUP Downwind Tips: 5 most common first timer mistakes for Stand Up Paddle boarding

Robert Stehlik covers some of the most common mistakes people make on their first downwinders while Stand Up paddling and shows how to do it right. These are the 5 most common first time downwinder mistakes discussed in the video: 1) Paddling too much at a steady pace. Downwinders are about quick acceleration and resting, you need to relax and rest so you can accelerate quickly when needed 2) Paddling at the wrong time. It’s all about timing, paddle into the back of [...]

QB The Very Important SUP Paddle Stroke – Pt. 2 With Jim Terrell

Based on the success and questions raised by the first video called The Very Important SUP Paddle Stroke by Jim Terrell – we made an additional video to help answer those questions and show a new perspective on the Stand Up Paddle Stroke. In our first video Jim showed the evidence that the paddle does not go through the water, but remains almost fixed in place as the board planes past. This is revisited along with the concepts of [...]

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