Mistral SUPski

Mistral SUPski

Mistral komt met een nieuw concept, de SUPski:

“This versatile, quick, advanced inflatable craft, offers both the advantages of being paddled in similar style to that of a surf ski or upright, stand up style. As an iSUP concept, we doubt there is anything faster, stiffer or as advanced. We have to accept, that as paddler abilities advance with the growing maturity of the sport, so too must the offering of boards. Paddlers will want to go faster, further and take on bigger challenges. At 17′ this is a unique design with 3 separate chambers. The primary hull inflates to 15psi or less and the side chambers to 4psi. The nose is hard and shaped to be efficient and due to the way in which it is constructed, it’s very rigid. It’s possible to add in a steering system for SUP to improve cross-wind handling. This is all possible and while we are in the fine-tuning phases, the real question is, does the sport need this type of craft or would this be over-shooting the needs and wants of the end-user? We don’t often ask what you would like to see, but iSUPs need to expand in design not just in technology in order to be taken to the next level. Let us know what you think?

Busy testing and refining equipment for 2018, just some of the exciting new additions to come. The 17′ SUPski, which can be paddled SUP style and the KANUyak as a double and single person model . . . more to come.”

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