SUP Buying Tips: How to Choose a Paddle

Erik from Carolina PaddleBoard Co. discusses a few key components of paddles that you may want to consider when choosing what Paddle to buy for Stand Up Paddleboarding. If you’re going to be a more recreational paddler, you may lean towards a fiberglass paddle, especially one that is adjustable. When going to race or ramp up your fitness, you’ll want a paddle that is light to reduce the wear and tear on your body. Lighter, carbon-fiber paddles also come [...]

Quickblade Custom Paddles

New from Quickblade – become your own mad scientist with custom paddle making with Jim Terrell. You can now come to Quickblade and have Jim Terrell custom fit you with a paddle and blade made to your desire. Each paddle also includes a special one on one flume session with Jimmy – just to make sure we get you out there in perfect form with your perfect paddle!

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