2018 Starboard All Star Vs Starboard Sprint / Comparison Video

SUPboarder Magazine vergelijkt de 2018 Starboard Sprint met de AllStar. Een uitgebreid en compleet verslag dat de verschillen tussen beide boards duidelijk verklaart. We take a look at the two big players in the 2018 Starboard race range… the Starboard All Star and Starboard Sprint. They’re both already proven race winning boards, but the 2018 boards have been refined and the range of conditions they work well in widened (from the 2017 models) to give all level of riders the [...]

Mistral SUPski

Mistral komt met een nieuw concept, de SUPski: “This versatile, quick, advanced inflatable craft, offers both the advantages of being paddled in similar style to that of a surf ski or upright, stand up style. As an iSUP concept, we doubt there is anything faster, stiffer or as advanced. We have to accept, that as paddler abilities advance with the growing maturity of the sport, so too must the offering of boards. Paddlers will want to go faster, further and [...]

JP 2017 SUP SurfSlate

SURF SLATE – LIGHTNING FAST The super parallel outline creates unbelievable speed while at the same time provides generous stability. The short boards fit perfectly into short, sloped waves! The double diamond tail allows for instant acceleration – use the extra speed to glide across flat sections of the wave or to hit the lip with full power. The tail releases very easily when busting the fins out. The Surf Slates are more suited to sliding, whippy turns and aerials [...]


DUO WIND-SUP is een serie boards ontwikkeld door Mat Pendle en op de markt gebracht door Cesare Cantagalli I-99.   In 2012 kreeg Mat Pendle, wonend op Hawaii, het supvirus te pakken. Op dat moment gebruikte hij voornamelijk hardboards maar wanneer hij dezelfde dag ook nog zaken in de stad moest doen verruilde hij zijn hardboard voor zijn inflatable. De inflatable kon hij mooi in zijn auto opbergen zodat hij zich geen zorgen hoefde te maken over zijn boards op het dak van zijn auto. Elke dag moest [...]

JP 2017 SUP Surf

TOP TO BOTTOM PERFECTION All Surf boards feature a single to double concave flowing into a V tail, pulled in nose and tail, progressive rocker line, thin rails and are designed for the “no-compromise”, top to bottom performance in the proper surf conditions for riders of all sizes. New shapes for this year are the 8‘1“x28“ and 9‘2“x30“.

Starboard Wide Point 11’2” 2017 review / Beginner Surf

SUPboarder looks at the biggest board in the Starboard Wide Point range. Like all the Wide Point’s, the 11’2″ at 32″ wide, makes for a great stable board for the heavier rider or a paddler wanting to get in to the waves with a bit more stability. The Wide Point is a big board with a real surf shape at its heart, and with more glide than anything we’ve tested before the Starboard Wide Point 11’2” is certainly FUN…

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